Encino Home Makeover: Blending Contemporary Design with Family Living

Client Profile

Mr. Buschini, residing at Mandalay Drive, Encino, approached Floma Designs with a desire to redesign his home. With a lot size of 18,788 sq-ft and a residential floor of 6,655 sq-ft, Mr. Buschini’s home includes a living area, dining room, open kitchen, wet bar, home office, two guest bedrooms, and a son’s bedroom on the ground floor, and a master bedroom and kid’s bedroom on the first floor. The family of five sought a seamless blend of functionality and style in their spacious home!

Client’s Expectations

Mr. Buschini envisioned an open and interconnected living space, with distinct yet flowing areas for living, dining, and cooking. He emphasized the importance of large sliding doors and windows to enhance natural light and openness.

The design was to be contemporary, with a balance of minimalism and personal touches to reflect the family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Floma Designs Approach

Ground Floor

  • Living Area: An L-shaped seating arrangement with a full wall TV unit featuring a louver panel and stone finish glossy laminate. A storage cabinet behind the sofa acted as a subtle partition.

  • Kitchen: L-shaped quartz countertop with an island counter, doubling as a breakfast counter.
  • Dining: A large 10-seater marble and wood dining table placed adjacent to the backyard barbecue area.
  • Bar Counter: Quartz countertop with dark laminate, built-in sink, and open cabinet.
  • Home Office: Wooden matte finish flooring, light-colored walls, and white furniture for a spacious feel.
  • Guest and Son’s Bedrooms: Minimal furniture with a color theme; the son’s bedroom in black, white, and yellow with golden accents.


  • Swimming Pool: 15’x35′ with an 8’x8′ Baja shelf.
  •  Gazebo and Barbecue Area: A 15’x12′ gazebo next to the pool with ample walkway space.

First Floor

  • Master Bedroom: Two walk-in closets, a spacious layout with minimal furniture, blue leather panel headboard, and louver laminate.
  • Kid’s Bedroom: False ceiling levels for distinct areas, matt finish wooden flooring, brown leather finish laminate behind the bed, and a stone-finished laminate and veneer combination for the TV unit and study.
  • Walk-in Closets: Opaque textured glass, veneer, white glossy laminates, and chandeliers.
  • Bathroom: Linen closet, ellipse shape countertop wash basin, dark color palette, black stone texture tiles for vanity, and small countertop wash basin.

Design Highlights

  • Customized Storage Solutions: Innovative use of storage cabinets to subtly define different areas while maintaining an open floor plan.
  • Natural Light Maximization: Strategic placement of large sliding doors and windows to enhance natural lighting and create a bright, airy atmosphere.
  • Harmonious Color Schemes: Thoughtfully chosen color palettes for each room, creating a cohesive yet diverse aesthetic throughout the house.
  • Contemporary Finishes: Use of modern materials like quartz counter tops, glossy laminates, and leather finishes to exude a sophisticated and contemporary vibe.
  • Functional Elegance: The integration of practical features like a built-in sink in the bar counter and ample storage in the home office, blending functionality with style.
  • Outdoor Living: Designing an inviting backyard space with a swimming pool, gazebo, and barbecue area, perfect for family gatherings and relaxation.

Client’s Appreciation Note

Mr. Buschini expressed immense satisfaction with the transformation of his residence, praising Floma Designs for their ability to capture his vision and create a home that perfectly balances style, functionality, and personalization.

In his words, “Working with Floma Designs has been a transformative experience for our home and family. Their ability to understand our vision and bring it to life exceeded our expectations.The blend of modern design with practical functionality has created a space that is not only beautiful but truly ours. Every detail, from the strategic use of natural light to the personalized color schemes, reflects our style and needs. We are deeply grateful to the Floma team for turning our house into a home we cherish.”

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