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All packages include a dedicated designer 1:1 call discussion 100% bespoke designs responsive support

3D Floor Plan

Great for simple floor space planning! See your floor plan in 3D!
Discuss your project 1-on-1

Interior 3D Visualization

Great for furniture planning, elevation drawings, interior designs, etc.
Discuss your project 1-on-1

Product Design

Great for 3D detailed product visualizations, and interactive 3D prototypes.
Discuss your project 1-on-1

Transform your blank canvas into a personalized 3D rendering masterpiece!

As seasoned 3D rendering professionals, we are familiar with spatial planning, anthropometry, family dynamics, and diverse design preferences. Collaborate with us to discover how we bring your project to life!

Some of our recent work!

Simple Process, Quality Results!




Book a call to claim your visuals

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D visual plan


We’ll share the initial draft

Our designers will source the top ideas for your design, saving you hours of time. We’ll then prepare first design for your review.


Discuss, edit and finalise!

We’ll have a discussion session where you can suggest edits. We’ll then bring your ideas to life and finish the design.

Uncertain about your 3D rendering requirements?

See your designs come to life with our drafting, modeling, and rendering services. Our advanced techniques provide clear and detailed visuals, letting you explore every detail of your creations in a more realistic way.

Showcase Different Variations with Advanced Product Designs

Using product rendering helps businesses display different versions of their products with various characteristics like color, size, material, and texture. This dynamic presentation not only grabs the audience’s attention but also makes it easy for customers to understand all the different aspects of the product, which helps them make informed decisions.

Craft Your Vision with Customization and Flexibility

Tailor your design to perfection. Experiment with different styles, colors, and layouts until you achieve the ideal look. Interior 3D Visualization provides the flexibility to make changes on the fly, ensuring the end result aligns perfectly with your unique taste and requirements.

Floma: Your Ideal Choice for 3D Design Services!

Ashish Mone


“I was skeptical about moving from 2D to 3D, but Floma made the transition seamless. Their models helped our marketing team create engaging materials that boosted our sales by 30%! The interactive features of the models have also provided an excellent user experience for our online customers.”

Bhumika Arora


“I’m not usually one to write reviews, but my experience with Floma was so above and beyond, I felt compelled to share. The 3D visualization they provided for my kitchen remodel was not only stunningly detailed but also incredibly accurate to what I had in my mind. The team was friendly and genuinely interested in my project, making all the difference.”

Shamal Vohra


“The team at Floma truly understands the power of visualization. Their 3D renderings are not just designs; they are a communication bridge between our ideas and our clients’ needs. Exceptional service and results!
Their attention to detail is unmatched, and their proactive communication kept our project on track.”

Reasons People Love Floma

100% custom designs
Thorough inputs process
Fast delivery
100s of design ideas
No hidden costs
Personalized approach

Why choose Floma?


Affordable and straightforward 3D design pricing

Quality delivery - within 3 to 5 days

A team that actually cares and is responsive

3D Designing Agencies

Expensive to hire and hard to work with

Consultations, designing and delivery take weeks, even months

Not responsive and tough to get ideas across