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Floma: Your Ideal Choice for 3D Floor Plans!

Aniruddha Dhekne


“Floma is hands down the best choice for 3D floor plans. Their quick service delivery, attention to detail, and willingness to address any concerns make them stand out… They provided continuous guidance and turned my client’s design dreams into a reality. I can’t thank them enough for their outstanding work.”

Reshma Patel


“Working with floma felt like having a design partner by my side. Their commitment to addressing any issues promptly and ensuring the project’s success was impressive. They turned my ideas into a breathtaking 3D reality.”

Ashwini Jadhav


“They exceeded my expectations with their quick and efficient service. From the moment I contacted them, they provided continuous guidance throughout the entire project. They listened to my ideas and addressed any concerns promptly. “

Enhance Your Space With Stunning 3D Floor Plans!

Discover the benefits of 3D floor plans for a comprehensive view of your space!

Explore the impact of 3D floor plans in enhancing space visualization and decision-making. See your property clearly with our detailed 3D Floor Plans. Every part of your property is shown clearly, helping you make smart choices about how to arrange your space, what furniture to pick, and how to decorate. This saves you time and effort.

Affordable and 48 Hours Turnaround

Starting with just ₹999 with no extra upsells makes it a budget-friendly solution, along with its 48-hour turnaround time speeds up project timelines, allowing for faster project completion.

Maximizing Efficiency with Advanced 3D Floor Plans

Floma offers 3D floor plans in a unique perspective that cannot be achieved in 2D, revealing intricate details like angles and curves in a structure. With 3D renderings, you can improve efficiency by guiding optimal material placement.

Why 3D floor plans are a great choice!

30% more efficient use of space

75% of our clients reported cost savings

80% realistic view of the property pre-construction

47% increase in sales for most realtors

68% of pre-construction projects sold

Furnished 3D Floor Plan for upto 1,000 sq ft apartment

Furnished 3D Floor Plan for upto 2,000 sq ft apartment

Furnished 3D Floor Plan for upto 3,000 sq ft apartment

Custom Plan for Companies & Professionals

Meet Our 3D Design Team!

Simple Process, Quality Results!




Book a call to claim your 3D floor plan

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D floor plan.


We’ll share the initial draft

Our designers will source the top ideas for your design, saving you hours of time. We’ll then prepare first design for your review.


Discuss, edit and finalise!

We’ll have a discussion session where you can suggest edits. We’ll then bring your ideas to life and finish the design.

Your 3D floor plan questions, answered

The packages start from ₹999 only.

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D floor plan.

The average turnaround time for a 3D floor plan is 3 to 5 Days.

We’ll send you a link to download the images from.

Yes, our Photorealistic Renderings have a minimum resolution of 2k for prints and for the web and 8k for construction signs.

Yes, it is important to provide the correct measurements and proportions.

Ready to elevate your real estate listings?

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Collaborate with us to transform your dream project into a stunning visual reality through our 3D renderings.

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