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Floma: Your Ideal Choice for 3D Interior Visualizations!

Karan Shah


“Floma is simply the best when it comes to making 3D interior views. They work fast, pay attention to the little things, and are always there to help with any questions. They helped me show my clients exactly how their space could look and made the design feel real. I’m really thankful for the amazing job they did.”

Bhumika Arora


“I’m not usually one to write reviews, but my experience with Floma was so above and beyond, I felt compelled to share. The 3D visualization they provided for my kitchen remodel was not only stunningly detailed but also incredibly accurate to what I had in my mind. The team was friendly and genuinely interested in my project, making all the difference.”

Sujoy Ghosh​


“Floma’s 3D renderings turned a stressful renovation into an exciting project. It was amazing to see our ideas come to life so vividly. Their team wasn’t just professional; they were warm and supportive, guiding us through the process with ease. We’re now living in the space I once only dreamed of, thanks to Floma.”

Upgrade Your Interiors with Lifelike 3D Visuals!

Uplift Your Interior Visualization With Stunning 3D Renderings

Interior 3D visualizations will help you optimize project workflow and avoid rework, as they can facilitate identifying possible pitfalls in the plan and make changes before implementation. If you’re looking to outsource 3D interior rendering services, we can be your go-to 3D visualization partner!

Craft Your Vision with Customization and Flexibility

Tailor your design to perfection. Experiment with different styles, colors, and layouts until you achieve the ideal look. Interior 3D Visualization provides the flexibility to make changes on the fly, ensuring the end result aligns perfectly with your unique taste and requirements.

Unleash Your Imagination with 3D Interior Modelling

Our 3D interior modeling services are designed to unleash your creativity. We understand that every space is unique, and our expert designers use 3D modeling to craft interiors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From residential to commercial projects, our solutions cater to your specific needs.

Why 3D Interior Visualization is a great choice!

50% increase in overall project quality assessments

47% expenses saved on design changes and modifications

Upto 45% reduction in design and construction errors

60% increase in client satisfaction rate

Up to 30% time savings in design and approval stages

Furnished 3D Interior Visualization for upto 500 sq ft apartment

Furnished 3D Interior Visualization for upto 1,000 sq ft apartment

Furnished 3D Interior Visualization for upto 1,500 sq ft apartment

Custom Plan for Companies & Professionals

Meet Our 3D Design Team!

Simple Process, Quality Results!




Book a call to claim your 3D interior visuals

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D interior visual plan


We’ll share the initial draft

Our designers will source the top ideas for your design, saving you hours of time. We’ll then prepare first design for your review.


Discuss, edit and finalise!

We’ll have a discussion session where you can suggest edits. We’ll then bring your ideas to life and finish the design.

Your 3D Interior Visualization questions, answered

The packages start from ₹4999 only.

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D interior visualization plan.

The average turnaround time for a 3D interior visualization plan is 5-7 days.

We’ll send you a link to download the images from.

Yes, our Photorealistic Renderings have a minimum resolution of 2k for prints and for the web and 8k for construction signs.

Yes, it is important to provide the correct measurements and proportions.

Dreaming of a Perfect Space? Discover the Power of 3D Interior Visualization Today!

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Collaborate with us to transform your dream project into a stunning visual reality through our 3D renderings.

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