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Nilesh Mishra


“The product designs from Floma brought our vision to life with incredible accuracy. Our clients were impressed with the clarity and detail, which made our pitch much more compelling. It’s been a game-changer for our presentations. Their team was professional, and the turnaround time was faster than we ever expected.”

Ashish Mone


“I was skeptical about moving from 2D to 3D, but Floma made the transition seamless. Their models helped our marketing team create engaging materials that boosted our sales by 30%! The interactive features of the models have also provided an excellent user experience for our online customers.”

Shamal Vohra


“The team at Floma truly understands the power of visualization. Their 3D renderings are not just designs; they are a communication bridge between our ideas and our clients’ needs. Exceptional service and results!
Their attention to detail is unmatched, and their proactive communication kept our project on track. “

Enhance Your Concepts With Stunning 3D Product Designs!

Highlight Unique Selling Proposition with 3D Product Designs!

The product’s Unique Selling Points, derived from extensive research and development investments, offer tailored solutions to customer challenges. It’s crucial to effectively communicate and showcase these strengths through 3D product visualization services, ensuring clients grasp the distinct advantages that set the product apart in a competitive market.

Enhanced Communication with Visually Appealing Designs!

Engaging 3D rendering is unparalleled in enhancing communication. As a leading 3D rendering company, we recognize the significance of high-quality images in facilitating customer understanding of your products. Our advanced technology allows us to capture intricate details and present your products in a creatively compelling manner, ensuring a comprehensive and visually appealing showcase.

Showcase Different Variations with Advanced Product Designs!

Using product rendering helps businesses display different versions of their products with various characteristics like color, size, material, and texture. This dynamic presentation not only grabs the audience’s attention but also makes it easy for customers to understand all the different aspects of the product, which helps them make informed decisions.

Why 3D product designs are a great choice!

Cut approval times by 35%, clarifying complex ideas for faster decisions

Cut costs by 25% with early design issue detection, less need for prototypes

Cut product development time by 30% with rapid prototyping

45% better reception of product launches and marketing campaigns

35% increase in consumer engagement and pre-orders

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To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D product design.


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Our designers will source the top ideas for your design, saving you hours of time. We’ll then prepare first design for your review.


Discuss, edit and finalise!

We’ll have a discussion session where you can suggest edits. We’ll then bring your ideas to life and finish the design.

Your 3D product design questions, answered

The packages start from ₹4999 only.

To start, just book a call to discuss your 3D product design.

The average turnaround time for a product design is 5 to 7 days

We’ll send you a link to download the images from.

Yes, our Photorealistic Renderings for product design have a minimum resolution of 2k for printing and web use, and 8k for detailed product presentations.

Yes, it is important to provide the correct product models, references, USP, image specifications, and camera angles.

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